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Five Seating-Chart Apps for Classroom Organization

Organizing the classroom can be overwhelming, and paper seating charts can get lost under piles of paperwork and handouts. Luckily, a number of apps let teachers manage their seating charts, attendance, grades and more--all in one place. Here are our picks for apps teachers can use to organize their classrooms:

  1. All Here ($.99):  Get a seating chart, attendance tracking, reminder alarms and more. By clicking on a student who is absent, the teacher can even email the parents missed schoolwork. All Here also offers a memory game to help teachers easily remember their students during the first week of school. 
  2. Seat Charter ($2.99):  Users can add student photos and graphics to serve as chairs, tables, etc. The app also offers a shuffle feature to randomize a group of people, export options to share charts, and more. 
  3. Teacher Kit (Free):  Here's a teacher personal organizer that helps them get a handle on classes and students. Educators can take attendance and track student grades and behavior. 
  4. Be Seated (Free):  Virtual desks let users create the classroom roster with names, photos and seating assignments. The app also enables randomly assigned seating. Educators also can track attendance and more. 
  5. Smart Seat ($4.99):  Create seating charts using a grid, record and export attendance, choose random students for class participation, make student notes and store student photos. Easily export charts as PDFs to give to substitutes. Users can also export students records to e-mail. 


Article by Kassondra Granata, EducationWorld Contributor
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