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Ten Things Everyone Needs to Learn
Your school will try to teach you the facts you'll need to pass their tests, but schools won't teach you the things you really need to learn to be successful. What are they? Stephen Downes offers a list of his top ten things you need to learn.

Sites to See: Parent Conferences
These ten sites, filled with advice, tips, and practical resources, can help ensure that your parent-teacher conferences are a pleasant and positive collaborative experience for all.

Integrating Technology and Science
Discover how technology enhances the science program in the Greece Central School District, Rochester, New York.

Who's Talking Online?
Are social networking sites appropriate for school use? Should schools ban the use of such sites -- or incorporate them into the curriculum and teach students to use them safely? Members of the EW Tech Team tell us how their schools deal with the issue.

Tech Conferences: For Geeks Only?
Afraid you're not techie enough for a tech conference? Think again! Four classroom teachers share how attending a national tech conference impacted their teaching and networking.

Tap In to Tapped In
You've heard about it. You've read about it. Friends and colleagues have raved about the professional development opportunities it provides through ongoing events, groups, and chats. But you still haven't visited yourself. What are you waiting for?

Teaching and Learning About Technology
Find out what techies do during the summer -- and learn how you can use your vacation time to improve your computer skills and build your tech confidence. Included: More than two-dozen links to conferences, courses, workshops, online training, and more for both techies and classroom teachers.

Tech Tips for Tots
How and when should toddlers use technology? Learn what early childhood experts say is appropriate technology use for children ages 2-4, and discover six ways to use technology wisely with young children.

Technology Training, Assessment, and No Child Left Behind
Don Knezek, chief executive officer of the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), discusses efforts to enhance and assess educators' technology skills.

Technology Integration, Assessment and No Child Left Behind
John Bailey, director of educational technology for the U.S. Department of Education, discusses in a teleconference how the federal No Child Left Behind Act can help schools and states use technology more extensively and efficiently.

Plan Your Summer Vacation Today!
To help make the upcoming summer as productive -- and as pleasant -- as possible, we asked members of the Education World Tech Team to tell us about their favorite summer professional development activities. --04/16/2003

You Can Create a Class Web Site
If you've read the Education World techtorial HTML Basics, you know how easy it is to create a basic Web page. In this article, you'll learn how you can extend the lessons from that techtorial to create your own classroom Web page -- in four easy steps. --02/26/2003

Traveling the Techno Trail: Training Teachers to Use Technology
Computer resource specialist Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach believes that her most important responsibility is to empower teachers to use technology to educate young minds. Find out how she does it -- and learn how you can do it too! --01/29/2003

Technology Planning: Closing the Communications Gap
Technology is often underutilized in its role of helping educators track accountability and assess student progress. Technology planning expert Dixie Conner explains how effective technology planning by teachers and technology leaders can result in the more effective use of technology in all areas of education. --12/04/2002

Keep Your Computer Healthy
As winter flu season approaches, many of us head to doctors offices to be inoculated against the insidious viruses that threaten our physical health. How many of us, however, remember to visit a tech specialist to inoculate our computers against the insidious pests that threaten to infect them year round. Too busy for an office visit? Education World makes house calls! --11/13/2002

Technology Integration Made Easy
Nineteen activities and nearly 50 Web sites to help you integrate technology into your daily routines. --10/16/2002

The Simple Joys of Technology: A Tale from Camelot (Idaho)
"The kids are really excited about technology. They have no fear and just get right in there and go!" says Debbie Kuntz, the computer technologist at Camelot Elementary School. Camelot's teachers are equally excited about using technology in their classroom activities, which is a quality that has earned the school the title of one of the country's 100 Top Wired Schools. What can your school learn from the tale of Camelot? --7/11/2001

University Students Design Custom Software for Local Schools
Students enrolled in a computer software seminar at Brown University design and develop custom software for classes in Providence (Rhode Island) schools. Could your local university do the same for you? Included: Students and teachers talk about the software created for them plus links to custom software teachers can download and use today! --9/22/2000

Establish a Computer Club: Big Benefits for Students and Staff
If you have thought about creating a computer club or Web club in your school, do not delay -- programs such as this are taking off. The World Wide Web has the ideal resource to guide you in your work -- SupportNet Online. With advice and examples, this Web site can set you on the path to a wild and wonderful Web club. Included: Teacher Marcia Cousins explains how her school's computer club comes to the aid of students, teachers, and the community! --6/21/2000

Educating Girls in the Tech Age: A Report on Equity
Why are girls -- who make up less than 20 percent of computer science Advanced Placement (AP) test takers -- so poorly represented in advanced technology classes? Why do so few women -- who account for less than 30 percent of instructional technology professionals -- opt for careers in technology? A recent report answers those questions and more. --5/18/2000

Does Computer Access=Computer Use? An NCES Report on Teachers and Computers
A recent report from the National Center for Education Statistics reveals that although 99 percent of U.S. teachers have access to school computers, the degree to which teachers use those computers varies widely. Learn about some of the factors that determine how -- and how much -- teachers and students in your school use computers! --5/18/2000

COPPA Plea: Keep Kids Safe Online
The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) requires Web site operators to obtain "verifiable" parental permission to collect personal information from children younger than 13. How will that affect the online activities students participate in at school? Education World has the answers! Included: Online resources to help you and your students understand the issues --- and the law! --5/8/2000

Teacher-Created Web Sites Link Home and School -- Virtually!
Discover how to create a virtual link between home and school. It couldn't be easier! This week, Education World editor Linda Starr shares the stories of teachers who have seen the possibilities for using the Web to connect to parents! Included: Tips for making connections to parents on school and classroom Web sites! --2/14/2000

Teachers, Take Note! 'Schoolnotes,' That Is!
As more and more classrooms become "connected," teachers are finding more and more ways to use the World Wide Web. This week, Education World takes a look at how teachers are using to expand their instructional environment and maximize learning opportunities for their students! Included: Comments from teachers who share ways in which is helping them connect with parents and the community --- and links to their Schoolnotes pages! --2/14/2000

Are You a Techno-Constructivist?
Technology is transforming education unlike any trend that has preceded it --- but how do educators take such revolutionary tools and use them to optimize learning? This week, educator Walter McKenzie explores that question and others. Included: A real-world model for teachers adapting technology to the classroom! --1/31/2000

Training Teachers Who Are Terrorized by Technology!
This week, we asked Education World's Tech Team to share with us the questions they hear most frequently from technology novices. Everybody -- technology neophytes and experienced hackers -- stands to learn something from the Tech Team's responses to such commonly asked questions as "How do I find time for technology?" "How do I manage student computer use?" "What about Internet safety?" and "What if I break the computer?"--11/1/1999