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Content:  This site is a literal catchall for everything that is high school sports in America. Here you can find schedules, scores, stats, video clips and more. There are even individualized team shops where users can purchase school-specific merchandise with proceeds going to the home school.

The fact that it is produced by news behemoth Gannett gives the site instant credibility. Given that there are over 37,000 high schools in the U.S. (the site also provides the same info for middle schools), Gannett’s heft is put to the test.

In addition to the raw data, HighSchoolSports also offers original features and contests that are very general in appeal.

Design:  The site is very busy, and that hurts the user experience somewhat. The search bar is front and center, however, making finding your school relatively simple. Likewise, the controls for trimming the number of events displayed in a given schedule are a little clunky, but they get the job done.

The media player is a simple You Tube embed, and while their runtimes don’t take into account the ad that appears before each one, the clips are at least professionally produced.

Review: There is a lot going on at HighSchoolSports, and that is both a positive and a negative. It is a herculean effort to collect and distribute sports information for high schools and middle schools across the U.S., but this site somehow does it. That it falls a little short in terms of style and function is of minor concern. Users will likely find every school they seek, complete with a full athletics schedule. This is a terrific tool that any coach or school official can use to keep tabs on other schools’ results and promote their own.

Bottom Line: Once you get past the busy screens and clunky controls, HighSchoolSports delivers everything it promises.

Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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