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Site Review: Choose My Plate

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Content:  This is the newly released and revamped Web site that communicates the USDA’s recommended food guidelines. Formerly called the food pyramid, Choose My Plate demonstrates appropriate portion sizes and provides guidance and resources for understanding what each component – Fruits, Vegetables, Grains, Proteins and Dairy – means.

Design:  The bright and colorful design of the Choose My Plate site is eye-catching. Also, the new plate-based recommendations are easy to grasp and understand. The site itself is a little text-heavy, with links on both the left and right sides of the screen. There is no apparent area specifically for educators at this time.

Review:  This site provides a reference point for understanding the USDA’s food recommendations. It includes tips, printable reference materials, information about food groups and interactive tools such as a food tracker and an encyclopedia database of food.

Bottom Line:   While the Choose My Plate site is a useful source of information, it’s not yet a great classroom resource. The USDA hasn’t updated the resources devoted to kids and preschoolers, so there is little available that’s directly related to those age groups. Further, the current site doesn’t hone in on the areas of interest that would be most important to students or teachers.

Article by Sarah W. Caron, EducationWorld Social Media Editor