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Content:  BodiMojo, created for teens with a grant from the National Institutes of Health, is a health Web site with a social media component. The content includes articles, interactive tools and games, videos and health tracking tools. The free site also provides a platform allowing teens to submit their own content and connect with each other on health-related topics.

Design:  Laid out with a basic magazine-style format, the site navigates easily with tabs at the top of the page that lead to sections like Health Topics and Tools & Games.  Within each inner page, there are additional navigation bars to lead kids toward topics and tools of interest. Portions of the site (such as the My Page section) are gated and available only to registered users age 13-18.

Review:  BodiMojo’s more than 200 articles are a good supplement to a health curriculum. They provide up-to-date information on current topics. Educators can print the results of personalized health quizzes through the My Page tab, giving them a chance to discuss the quizzes with students and open up a health dialogue. Unfortunately, teachers can’t join the gated community, so there is no chance to interact with the class on BodiMojo. Also, the site lacks a review mechanism for educators to ensure that students are completing assignments such as tracking their activity for the week.

Bottom Line:  The resources available on BodiMojo are a great companion to a health curriculum. Many of the articles—including some of the teen-written ones—are reviewed by experts for accuracy. Also, the site has a built-in safe search engine for searching Google. Unfortunately, the teacher’s guide and lesson suggestions are a little hidden (there is a small keyword link at the bottom of the page), and the teacher’s section can also be reached through the About page. At this point, BodiMojo is best used as a classroom companion to a regular health curriculum.


Article by Sarah W. Caron, EducationWorld Social Media Editor
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