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Content:  Very promotional, yet very helpful, this site offers educators information on how to better use their Apple devices in the classroom. There are videos touting the products’ accomplishments in academia and articles explaining their potential.

Certainly promotional, but also very handy, Apple's educaiton site can help teachers use thier products effectively in the classroom.

Noteworthy are the teacher tips regarding best apps for use in the classroom. Considering many districts’ decisions to equip entire grade levels with Mac products, this clearinghouse of education-specific software is very handy.

It also is interesting to look through the areas of the site that provide advice on classroom use of non-educational products such as iPods and iPhones. There are more than a few ideas for using these products in ways that go beyond their original intended purpose.

Design:  Like everything else Apple puts out, the site is clean and minimalist. There is an oversized main-image scroller that offers links to a handful of articles on how Mac products are currently being used in classrooms.

Beneath this are several content boxes that provide info on such topics as “Apps for learning,” “Why Mac,” and “iPad in the classroom.” All of these provide great info, if you keep the source of that info in mind.

Review: A clean design and useful content make for a great site. It would rate higher on our scale if it weren’t so promotional, but that is something that can’t really be helped.

Bottom Line: With Mac products popping up in classrooms across the country, this site is a must-see for getting the most out of them.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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