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iPad App Review: Polar Go Fit

App Name: Polar Go Fit

Cost:  Free

What does it promise? This app allows PE teachers to see how hard students are exercising during class. It enables teachers to view and measure their students’ performance and evaluate them based on individual effort.

Polar Go fitDoes it deliver? Because the GoFit app measures live heart rate information, every student in the class can be helped to work at the right level for him or her. It means that even the least-fit students can be encouraged to make progress, while the natural athletes in the class also develop.

The Polar GoFit app is designed to be used with the Web service, which is where teachers can plan their courses. Simply take an iPad to PE class and use the GoFit app to see how each student is performing. After the class, the data from that session is automatically updated in the Web service. This allows educators to get information on individual students throughout the academic year.

The GoFit app helps kids learn to stay within set target heart-rate zones to achieve certain health benefits. Based on their effort, the app rewards them with motivating badges. The data teachers gather allows them to guide each student to a better outcome.

Can I use it in my classroom?  This app was designed specifically for classroom use. 

All apps can be found in the iPad apps store under education.

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Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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