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iPad App Review: iLearn - U.S. States


App Name: iLearn - U.S. States

Cost: 99 cents   

What does it promise? A fun way to learn the names and locations of all 50 states.

Does it deliver? Yes, if you consider that this is aimed squarely at the younger crowd. There are three game modes, each providing a different challenge to overcome by using information about the states.

In the Learn Mode, players tap and highlight each state to see its name and abbreviation. They can launch the information panel to view additional facts about each state including its capital city, nickname and more.

iLearnUSThe Game Mode pits players against the clock to see how many states they can identify in one minute. Users can earn bonus points for any time remaining on the clock and keep track of their high scores on the leader board.

The Test Mode quizzes players by asking them to identify each state without the pressure of a clock, and scores them based on the total number of attempts.

Can I use it in my classroom? This app is a great way for younger students to get familiar with the states and represents a tremendous supplement to any geography or civics lesson.

All apps can be found in the iPad apps store under education.

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Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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