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iPad App Review: Gradebook Pro

App Name: Gradebook Pro

Cost: $9.99

What does it promise?  GradeBook Pro is a powerful, easy-to-use grade- and attendance-management app designed for educators.

gradebook proDoes it deliver? Definitely—this is the Rolls Royce of grading apps. Its many features allow teachers to:

  • Categorize assignments and view grades by category.
  • Use either weighted or standard (point-based) grade scales.
  • Award extra credit or deduct penalty points.
  • Calculate average score for each assignment to evaluate overall class performance.
  • Email grade, attendance or status reports to students (and/or parents).
  • Create PDF reports of class grades, rosters and attendance records.

In addition to its grading functions, this app also includes a robust attendance tracker. Mark each student as “present,” “absent – excused,” etc., then email these attendance lists or convert them to PDFs for printing.

Can I use it in my classroom?  This isn’t an instruction-related app, but educators will certainly feel better about heading into their classrooms with this quality record-keeping tool.

All apps can be found in the iPad apps store under education.

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Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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