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May 01, 2000

Science in the Classroom!

This weeks Education World stories highlight some great online resources for teaching science, tips for organizing science fairs, and an e-interview with NASAs teacher-astronaut Barbara Morgan. Take a look at all we have to offer!

  • Science Experiments Straight from the Web!
    Hands-on means heads-up! The Web is brimming with great hands-on science lessons. This week, Education World highlights a dozen of the best sites for science experimentation. Included: Bill Nye talks to Education World about hands-on learning!

  • How to Put on a Great Science Fair!
    Kids learn by doing, and a science fair gives them that chance. But how can schools put on a good science fair? How can they avoid having a parent fair? And how can science fairs incorporate a cross-curricular approach? Included: Tips from the former chair of the California State Science Fair.

  • Always a Teacher: An Education World e-Interview With Teacher-Astronaut Barbara Morgan
    Barbara Morgan, NASAs teacher-astronaut, recently took time from her busy schedule to share with Education World her thoughts about her role as NASAs first education mission specialist, and about what the space program has to offer students and teachers throughout the world.

  • Two New Books Inspire Young Scientists
    Are you searching for science fair help or hands-on experiments? Two new books have the help you need!

  • Great Web Sites for Teaching Technology & Science
    Internet educator Walter McKenzie tracks down the best of the best Internet resources for teaching about the science of technology.

  • Life on Mars
    Could terraforming lead to life on Mars? Teacher VaReane Heese submitted this week's lesson about life on Mars.