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Updated September 2004

It's School Counseling Week!

The first week of February each year is National School Counseling Week. Education World recognizes this week with a handful of stories about the great work that school counselors do!

Take a quick look at some of the stories you'll find this week on our pages:

  • Career Education: Setting Your Students on the Path to a Valued Vocation
    With the resources of the Web as your guide, any teacher can implement a study of occupations that enlightens, inspires, and encourages students to succeed! Included: Online resources for screening personality and interest, writing rsums, and the all-important job interview. Lesson plans for teachers too!

  • School Counselors Reflective on What Makes Them Effective
    Are you a school counselor or thinking of becoming one? What are the most important attributes an effective school counselor should have? This week, Education World asked school counselors to reflect on what makes them effective. We are pleased to share their thoughtful and illuminating ---and often heartwarming--- responses.

  • How Can Teachers Develop Students' Motivation --- and Success?
    What can teachers do to help develop students who will face challenges rather than be overwhelmed by them? Do early lessons set girls up for failure? Is self-esteem something that teachers can or should "give" to students? Those are some of the questions Carol Dweck, professor of psychology at Columbia University, answers this week for Education World.

  • A 'Real-Life Fair' Shows Kids the Real Deal About Careers
    Students in one Rhode Island junior high school got a glimpse of their future through a "Real-Life Fair," a career fair that incorporates lessons learned in the classroom. Find out whether a career fair or an online tour of careers is the ideal activity for your classroom!

  • The Journal of a Black Cowboy
    "Most Americans today know only the Hollywood version of the cowboy. If there is more to know, it is simply this: The faces of the men were more diverse than Hollywood has shown, the work was harder, and the cowboys tougher...." Those are the words of Walter Dean Myers, who wrote *The Journal of Joshua Loper: A Black Cowboy* --- an historically accurate and informative account of life on the range.

  • Today's School Nurse: More Than Just a Person Who Bandages Knees
    The role of the school nurse has become more demanding as students with complex medical situations have entered schools and as society's expectations have changed. Education World writer Mary Daniels Brown talked with school nurses around the United States about their changing roles.