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Young Advocate of Computer-Based Learning Creates Peer Groups for Social Element

Young Advocate of Computer-Based Learning Creates Peer Groups for Social Element

Emily Mee, a recent graduate from the online K-12 school, Oklahoma Connections Academy, is speaking out in favor of online schools and programs and says the alternative option is nothing like what is thought to be traditional home schooling.

According to an article on, Mee became an advocate for computer-based learning as an education option for children early on as she found her passion for politics.

In order to create a social element, Mee developed peer groups to facilitate meeting between students.

"Her final year at Connections, Mee decided that she would start a peer group where teens could meet if they wanted. All students have the options of field trips and must attend mandatory test sessions at a specific location," the article said.

Using guidance from a favorite teacher, Ashley Hambright, Mee developed peer groups that became successful meeting places for Connections students all over the state. The groups typically ranged from 8-13 students per meeting and were set up as roundtable discussions.

Following the initial success of the groups, Hambright and Mee developed a presentation for the school's principal, Tammy Shepherd, to promote the results.

“'Our peer groups were developed following careful consideration of all the facets by Emily, myself and Mrs. Hambright...We developed some parameters that would ensure student safety, always a primary concern. We were excited that Emily chose to enhance her leadership skills in this way,'" Shepherd said, according to the article.

As Mee leaves Connections and begins the next phase of her education in college, she hopes that others will step up to continue the groups not only in Connections, but in computer-based learning environments across the country. She believes that by doing this, the traditional stigma revolving around limited social connection in online learning will be countered.

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Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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