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Writer Calls for Common Sense with the Common Core

Like same-sex marriage, healthcare, abortion and other hot-button issues, the Common Core debate has become so politicallty loaded that it's often used as a political tool rather than a base from which to start a practical discussion about education in the United States. This has polluted the intent of the standards and made it difficult to determine what works and what does not.

Elizabeth Evans, writing on Huffington Post, said the debate has overshadowed the actual policy, hurting educators' ability to do what's best for the nation's students.

"The intended beneficiaries of this effort to improve public education outcomes have, once again, become victims of this corruption of public policymaking," she explained. "The cynic in me is not surprised at how effective government opponents are at manipulating public opinion about the value of government. The parent in me is confused and angry at the idea that anyone would question a concerted effort to help our children reach their full potential."

Evans cited her own experience working with a group of charter schools to implement Common Core before the standards became a political hot potato. She details the back-and-forth process between teachers and administrators as well as the involvement of students. The writer showed that minus the politics, Common Core is an endeavor that needs resources, time and commitment, but which offers strong potential benefits.

Read the full story here.

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