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Why Kentucky Has Success With the Common Core

Why Kentucky Has Success with the Common Core

As the first state to integrate Common Core State Standards years ago, Kentucky is also one of the states with the fewest problems. The state has consistently been on a "growing track to success" since implementing the standards thanks in part to the measures it has taken to communicate with educators along with the collaborative efforts of teachers who work to refine the execution of the standards.

According to EdSurge, Kentucky has found success with the Common Core because as a whole, Kentucky practices good communication, fosters consistent alignment of standards, and provides reliable support to educators.

Because Kentucky had the governor, the state education office, and the state legislature on board when first implementing the standards, it made it easy for the state to set and communicate expectations moving forward.

"What’s more, the state’s implementation plan included clear communication of the General Assembly’s vision to every educator in the state, as well as other stakeholders—with the opportunity to provide feedback in standards development," the article said.

In order to align standards across the state, Kentucky developed cross-district 'leadership networks:' networks consisting of 20-25 district teams, according to EdSurge, comprised of "of three to four professionals from each of the following groups: teacher leaders in ELA, teacher leaders in math, school-level leaders, and district-level leaders."

By doing so, Kentucky was able to seamlessly integrate standards in all districts.

The state then took another step to ensure cohesiveness of implementation: it supported its educators.

"To make sure educators received ongoing, on-demand training, the Kentucky Department of Education developed the Continual Instructional Improvement Technology System, or CIITS—an online repository containing thousands of resources to help with Common Core implementation," the article said.

These steps that Kentucky took and is taking in regards to implementing Common Core State Standards is why it experiences so much success today as other states struggle to make it work.

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Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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