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What Does the Future of Education Look Like?

What the Future of Education Looks Like

With advances in technology and evolving ideas about quality instruction, it's clear that the education of tomorrow will look different than it does today. 

The Huffington Post has partnered with Lenovo to imagine the future of education. The article provides statistics on computer ownership, Internet access and online education, and even includes a section called "What's Next?"

"Thanks to the Internet, not only has our work and social life been drastically altered, but so has our education system," the article said. "From online classes to tablets for each student, technology now powers the classroom. This growth in technology not only affects those who instantly have access to information, but also creates greater access to education around the world. Classroom resources are now available to virtually anyone at little to no cost."

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Article by Kassondra Granata, EducationWorld Contributor

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