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Website Helps Teachers, or 'Trustworthy Talent,' Find Supplementary Income

Website Helps Teachers, or 'Trustworthy Talent,' Find Supplementary Income

Despite the heavy workload and stress that teachers endure on a daily basis, the average salary for a teacher barely pushes over $40,000.

Add in the fact that teachers are spending upwards of $500 a year on classroom supplies and it’s not hard to see why there is a market for teachers to find supplementary income. founder Bryan Carruthers told Fox31 Denver that he created the website to make it easier for teachers “to do work they’ve already been doing.”

Indeed, the site is based out of Colorado, where Fox31 says one in five teachers are forced to work second jobs.

Carruthers told Fox31 that in just six weeks, 63 teachers have already signed up to offer services which include anything from being a handyman to a personal chef. The payments are all handled through the site, which many say makes it more legitimate and less of a risk than offering services through community sites like Craigslist.

For the safety, however, there is a fee. The site takes 18 percent of the profit earned from the services offered, Fox31 says.

Carruthers says that the site is also a good tool for consumers because teachers are "trustworthy talent" that consumers will be more likely to trust. 

Carruthers expects an increase in teacher-users not only as the website becomes known about, but also as the summertime approaches. He expects many teachers to want to work odd jobs in order to fill time and make extra money.

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Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor



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