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Watch This: Students Help Surprise Teacher With Marriage Proposal

Watch This: Students Help Surprise Teacher with Marriage Proposal

Students truly are a very important part of a teacher’s life, as evident by fourth-grade teacher Amanda Lynn Toombs’ boyfriend’s idea to make her students a part of his surprise marriage proposal.

Toombs is a fourth-grade teacher at South Boston Elementary School in Virginia. On Sept. 25 she thought it would just be any regular day in the classroom.

Under the impression she was meeting with her school’s principal for a standard review, little did she know her boyfriend was coordinating with her students and fellow peers to make sure his proposal involved the most important people in Toombs’ life.

When Toombs was brought back to her classroom after the principal cut the interview short because a “child was acting up,” she was greeted by her entire class sitting quietly with a seat prepared for her to sit and watch videos from family members giving their blessings.

“Mandy, Ms. Toombs, with all the lives you touch and teach everyday, I guess you could say this is my way of saying the sky’s the limit with you and I'm ready for new adventures,” boyfriend Justin Coats said to a seated and surprised Toombs in the opening of the prepared video.

At the end of the video, students from Toombs’ prior year's class who she describes as “very special” helped bring in a banner that read “Ms. Toombs, will you be Mrs. Coats?”

According to, “Toombs said she was in total shock throughout the proposal video and ... her students were the quietest she [has ever] seen them.”

Just some more proof that teaching is much more than a job for teachers to enter to the profession—it’s an integral part of their life.

Watch the full proposal video below. Spoiler alert: she says yes.

Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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