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Want to Excel in Computer Science? Here’s How.

Want to Excel in Computer Science? Here’s How.

Waseem Ahmad, a computer science major at Rice University, told Jaxenter certain steps students should take if they want to successfully study computer science.

Ahmad encourages computer-science-expert hopefuls to take these steps on their road to success:

  • learn the foundation of the subject first
  • practice, practice, practice when it comes to programming
  • do side projects, viewing each one as an opportunity

When it comes to learning the basics, Ahmad stresses the importance of having enthusiasm in learning the theoretical components to computer science. While he acknowledges the practical components are key, he says the theoretical elements will enable a computer science student to build a strong foundation rooted in the subject.

As for why programming should be on top of a computer science student’s list, "here is no shortcut or substitute to gaining mastery in programming” except to practice.

Side projects, too, are crucial to success in the field because it allows for students to participate in fun, productive activities. Ahmed points out that Mark Zuckerberg’s side project as a student was one of the 21st century’s most lucrative inventions- Facebook.

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Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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