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Veterans Help Teach Students About the Meaning Behind Veterans Day

Veterans Help Teach Students About the Meaning Behind Veteran’s Day

The Fox Cities of Wisconsin is one example of a district committed to both honoring its veterans during Veterans Day and teaching it students about the day’s importance.

Indeed, the area’s “[s]chool leaders say Veterans Day is an example that some of the best lessons come from neighbors rather than books,” according to

For this reason, the schools in the area have created a partnership between students and veterans to ensure students know the meaning behind the day.

Assistant principal of participating school Fox Valley Lutheran, David Voss, told The Post Crescent that he wants to ensure his community understands the difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day, two days he says too frequently get confused.

"The school's program aims to drive home the respect owed to the many who've interrupted their lives — in any role — for the causes of freedom and safety, he said,” the article said.

The community’s veterans are happy participants who say students are very receptive to their visit.

30-year-old veteran Dustin Kraft told The Post Crescent he enjoys the opportunity to visit schools because he is able to talk "about how his time in the U.S. Navy provided the leadership skills he needs in his career. He was impressed with the work the students and teachers put in before his visit.”

Is your school doing something special to honor your community’s veterans? Education World would love to hear about it.

Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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