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University Compiles List of Best Education Careers Outside of Classroom

University Compiles List of Best Education Careers Outside of Classroom

If you want to be involved in education but don't want to teach, fear not. For those that want to get into the education field but do not necessarily want to be classroom teachers, Georgia Southern University has compiled a list of the best education professions alternative to teacher.

The first two on the University's list include school counselor and school psychologist. Both typically require graduate school education, but are in-school positions that let those interested in education help individual students needs, as seen on

Tracy Linderholm, Georgia Southern University professor and associate dean of graduate education and research and composer of the list, says that both counselors and psychologists are important for providing students with personalized education.

"'[S]chool psychologists often administer psychoeducational assessments to help gauge students' individual emotional and academic needs ...They also can work with with parents and teachers to help address a child's social/emotional functioning in a school setting,'" she said, according to the article.

Further, those interested in education can pursue reading coach and English as a Second Language specialist to help individual student needs, as well. These two different careers help improve students' grasp of the language, whether they have learning disabilities or are new to learning the language.

The latter is not a specific position as of right now, but many school systems are discovering the importance of having someone with an ESOL certification on board. You could be that person who understands and teaches "language acquisition and cultural diversity."

If you're interested in helping schools out in the technology field, School Library Media Specialist and instructional technologist might be positions you would consider. As a specialist of media in the school library, you would help assist teachers in acquiring relevant materials for their classroom instruction. As districts become more tech-savvy and school libraries begin to host an array of modern tech, your job would likely include knowing about it all to explain use to others.

And as schools and districts begin initiatives to integrate more technology into classrooms,the need and demand for technology experts is growing. You could be the person who works on individual school tech needs or even work for an entire district.

Finally, the last recommendations on AJC's list include positions of leadership education like principal or superintendent. These are critical positions that help coordinate and ensure the school and district is doing the best they can to educate students.

Time to job search? Read the full list here and comment below.

Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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