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Two Educators Talk About The Art of Being a "Teacherpreneur"

Two Educators Talk About The Art of  Being a "Teacherpreneur"

What is a "teacherpreneur"? One math teacher and founder of, shares why he describes himself using that moniker.

Robert Ahdoot shares an interview that he had with his mentor and fellow teacherpreneur Bruce Powell in a blog post on

RA: How does the term “teacherpreneur” strike you?

BP: I love the term. I think it’s descriptive of a lot of what we do here, and it was the subject of a meeting we just had on the topic of innovation. What I’ve discovered is that you have to be motivated to take part in this idea. You have to have initiative. People may choose to come in and only teach their classes, and they can do a great job, but they are not invested in a larger vision for their school, a community, and frankly, for our nation. Those teachers, who are truly teacherpreneurs, have the initiative, ideas and motivation to go out and execute.

RA: So how would you define “teacherpreneur”?

BP: Teacherpreneurs need to have new, innovative ideas. They are motivated to initiate action. They execute, which is a key idea, because there are many new ideas out there, but without the execution of getting it done, it remains just an idea.

RA: Would you say to those who may want to try on the teacherpreneur cloak that they should approach their work from the eternal? In addition to the concept of creating joy in people’s lives?

BP: I can’t imagine doing it any other way. I think every teacher who wins a national teacher award sees what he or she does as a calling. Well, who’s calling them? Every great teacher has a bigger purpose. Every great entrepreneur has a bigger purpose. Take the creation of the computer, for instance. The people who created it were not focused on making billions of dollars. They were focused on winning World War II. They were focused on enabling people to communicate, and tie the world together. That’s a much bigger purpose than simply building computers and making a billion dollars.

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Article by Kassondra Granata, Education World Contributor

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