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School District Votes to Arm Teachers

Texas School District Votes to Arm Teachers, Provide with Guns

The Keene Independent School District in Texas voted 6-1 this week to both allow staff members to carry guns at four of its campuses, but also to provide the handguns they will carry.

"Ironically, the effort was supported by Keene Independent School District (ISD) superintendent Ricky Stephens, who opposed arming teachers when hired three years ago. 'Now he says the world has changed and so has his opinion,' said

Only a few teachers will be selected to carry weapons; according to candidates will be selected by principals from the four campuses.

"Those individuals will be go through training to earn their concealed handgun licenses with 80 additional hours of training annually after that to maintain readiness,” NBCDFW said.

Keene ISD officials told Brietbart that the names of teachers who are carrying will remain anonymous for safety reasons.

"Superintendent Stephens said forethought has already been given to the conditions under which guns should be carried, including which teaching situations are better suited than others for armed faculty members,” Brietbart said.

"In light of this, he said parents who have expressed concern that a student may take a gun away from a teacher are worrying about a scenario that will not happen.”

He went on to say that teachers who are involved with kids in this way will not be selected to carry.

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Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor 


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