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Technology-Driven Collaborative Teaching Drives Social and Emotional Development in Students

Technology-Driven Collaborative Teaching Drives Social and Emotional Development in Students

A global study from SMART Technologies, Inc. has found that collaborative teaching combined with use of classroom technology fosters social and emotional learning in students.

Determined to assess what kind of effect technology has on social and emotional skill development, SMART Technologies asked 400 educators, administrators and the like various questions about collaborative learning teaching practices supported by frequent use of software and hardware.

According to SMART Technologies, “[t]he study’s findings showed that when teaching that includes collaborative learning is complemented by software and hardware, in that order, the greatest improvement in social and emotional skill development is achieved.”

"Results also showed that outstanding success is 3.4 times more likely to occur when collaborative learning practices and technology are used frequently together in the classroom”

Additionally, the study found that frequent group activities resulted in 20 percent higher social and emotional skill development as well as an increased ability in students to achieve independence.

"The results shed light on great teachers as the unsung heroes behind improved student success when technology is used in collaborative learning environments. This study furthers our commitment to supporting teachers and students with educational software and hardware,” said Neil Gaydon, CEO of SMART Technologies.


Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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