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Tech Specialist Describes the Importance of Working With Teachers

Tech Specialist Describes the Importance of Working with Teachers

Education technology integration specialist Jennifer Vincent spoke with CBS Chicago about her role in the Mundelein Elementary School District 75, and how working with both teachers and students is an important part of her job.

"Vincent and her colleague work to support teachers to design, develop and facilitate 21st century learning experiences to maximize student engagement and improve student achievement,” CBS Chicago said.

With the help of her colleague, she meets with teachers on a monthly basis to offer support as well as provides both workshops and coaching sessions for individualized help.

Though she is a National Board Certified Teacher in early and middle childhood literacy, Vincent likes not having her own classroom because she feels the significance of improving student achievement in a different way.

By helping teachers think “about the decisions they make in their classrooms... I see it as my way to make an impact on student achievement even though I don’t have my own classroom and/or students I see on a daily basis,” she told CBS Chicago.

And despite not formally begin a teacher, Vincent says she is still required to understand the life of a teacher and how a classroom works to know how it will be affected by new technology.

"If you are a person who enjoys working with people and loves to teach, but at the same time sees how technology changes the world of education, then this job is for you,” Vincent said.

Read the full interview.

Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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