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TEAMS to Help Teachers & Principals Respond to Conflict Faster

Prologic Technology Systems, Inc. released its TEAMS mobility tools for K-12 principals and teachers who want to view and interact with up-to-the minute student data without being attached to the laptop or desktop.

TEAMS mobility functionality offers principals improved staff oversight with the ability to view attendance, fill substitute openings, and retrieve a particular student's record showing details such as their attendance, schedule, report cards, discipline and parent/guardian contact information, according to a recent press release from the company.

TEAMS mobility could also provide faster response times to discipline incidents. Both principals and teachers can easily enter incident information into the system from their mobile device and quickly begin the district's referral process−whether they are in school hallways, classrooms or the lunchroom.

"Mobile access to TEAMS student information system is part of our overall mobile strategy−to deliver tools that are genuinely capable of enhancing productivity and collaboration−while at the same time, simplifying future systems so that they can jump from desktop to tablets to smart phones easily," stated Jeff Pepper, President of Prologic Technology Systems.

"We see mobility as a key strength going forward as we continue to press the envelope when it comes to technology solutions that just don't meet−but exceed district expectations," concluded Pepper.

The mobility initiative is part of the connected TEAMS ERP system, which includes a natively integrated Student Information System, Parent/Teacher Portal, Finance and HR/Payroll solution. Core to each component within TEAMS is the company's unique vision of seamless integration and sharing of data across a single database; providing users with intuitive functionality and accurate, up-to-the-minute data.

Most importantly, the technology provides a way to lower the time it takes to address key issues in a school day that could affect all students in one way or another. Efficiency has been a growing trend in education technology and it seems that there is something for every situation you can dream of.

Read the full release and comment below. Is your school using TEAMS?

Release posted by Navindra Persaud, Education World Contributor

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