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Teachers Union Seeks to Block Trump from Public School Appearance

Teachers Union Seeks to Block Trump from Public School Appearance

Donald Trump may be a front-runner in this year’s presidential election, but he’s having a tough time receiving support from the education community.

Earlier this week, a study from the Southern Poverty Law Center found that 40 percent of teachers are hesitant to discuss the presidential election due to the sensitive content regarding Trump’s immigration and national security plans.

Teachers reported that many of their students- particularly Mexican-American and Muslim students- express growing concerns over election issues and are therefore cautious to isolate students by bringing Trump into discussions.

Now, the head of Maryland’s teacher union is speaking out against Trump’s plan to visit a high school in the state because of his “divisive, fear-mongering rhetoric.”

Maryland State Education Association president Betty Weller said in a statement, according to WBALTV, that Trump should not be welcome at his planned rally at Stephan Decatur High School because his views should not be welcome in public schools.

Weller called on the Worcester County Board of Education to reverse its decision to let Trump campaign on school grounds; she argued the visit has the potential to promote bullying versus tolerance.

"Allowing Trump to speak in a public school normalizes and condones bullying attitudes and behavior that go against the tolerance and acceptance that educators strive to teach our students every day,” Weller said, according to the article.

“On behalf of more than 71,000 teachers and education support professionals in Maryland—and the students we teach—MSEA calls on the Worcester County Board of Education to reverse the decision to allow Trump to campaign on school property.”

When it comes to Trump’s stance on education policy, many experts consider him a “wild card.” Trump has spoken very little about K-12 education except to denounce both the Common Core and the Department of Education, viewpoints typically shared by members of the Republican party.

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Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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