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Teachers, Parents Share Three Ways to Teach Cell Phone Etiquette

Teachers, Parents Share Three Ways to Teach Cell Phone Etiquette

Regardless of school rules, spotting students using cell phones is inevitable. Teachers and parents can teach cell phone etiquette in order to minimize disruptions.

Many high schools "have relaxed strict bans on student cellphones in recent years, and some have even embraced the devices as an instructional tool in the classroom," said an article on In fact, schools in New York City will end its cellphone ban for students.

"When cellphones​ first came out, the first response was to restrict them," said Earnest Moore, former president of the Prince George's County PTA Council. "Now they’re beginning to see that this technology, if used correctly, can be a great educational tool."

Students, the article said, "could use cellphones in the classroom to research information for assignments or by completing digital quizzes through apps, ​for example. ​But whether teenagers know how to use the devices politely and appropriately is another issue. Parents and teachers can use these methods to teach students cellphone etiquette."

One of the methods the article suggests is for teachers to "establish expectations for cellphone use before they allow students to use them."

"You want to set up rules and structures and kind of make a social contract with the students about how devices are going to be used or not used," said Liz Kolb, a clinical assistant professor at The University of Michigan.

One way for teachers to do this, Kolb said is "by using the stoplight approach."

"Teachers will have either a red, yellow or green​ sign on their door which lets students ​know immediately​ if they will be using their cellphones that day," she said. ​

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Article by Kassondra Granata, Education World Contributor

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