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Teachers Need Time to Analyze Student Test Scores, Principal Says

Teachers Need Time to Analyze Student Test Scores, Principal Says

Despite standardized tests being a normal part of classroom culture now, oftentimes there is little or not enough done with the results. One principal has made it his mission to change this. 

Principal Steve Kwikkel of Clear Lake Middle School in Iowa told the District Administration that giving teachers time to analyze student data by way of test results and tailoring instruction using this analysis is the only way to make meaningful use of the tests.

In Kwikkel's school, he gives "extra time to teachers during the school day to examine student testing data and tailor lessons accordingly. For the past two school years, 300 middle school students have been dismissed early every Wednesday while teachers meet in multidisciplinary groups to discuss data and instruction," the article said.

Kwikkel also developed "iTime instruction," where every morning, students are given personalized instruction based on what they struggle with on the state exams.

As a result, the school's students are drastically improving on their skills and performance on the assessments.

In 2013-14, 88 percent of the school’s sixth graders were proficient in math on state assessments. In 2014-15, 98 percent of the same students were proficient. And reading improved: 87 percent of sixth graders achieved proficiency in 2013-14, and the following year, 92 percent of the same students did.

“'It’s about having accessible data, and having a consistent time in which teachers can review that data and put it into practice...If you don’t have time during your work day to review that information, you won’t see buy-in or a sense of efficacy built among teachers. They won’t be sure if the work they do is paying off in the classroom,'" Kwikkel said, according to the article.

Read the full story here and comment with your thoughts below. 

Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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