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Teachers Give Tips on How to Develop Strong Relationships with Parents

Teachers Give Tips on How to Develop Strong Relationships with Parents

Communicating with parents effectively is key to a successful school year, and with the right strategies in place, it is easy to build a strong parent/teacher relationship. 

So said Kevin C. Shelly of the Courier-Post. He shared tips from a number of real-world teachers, who explained how to foster positive relationships between parents and educators. 

Tips for parents include developing a relationship with teachers before they need to communicate with them, and not always trusting the student's word regarding what happened, or why.

"Sometimes the version of events your child brings home isn't the whole story," the article suggested. "Always try to discuss your concerns with your child's teacher before going to administration. Often you'll have a different understanding of what happened, or the teacher will have a better understanding of the problem, so she can fix it."

Tips for teachers include asking parents questions about their child. In addition, the article said, "students and parents respond better when there is an acknowledgment of what is being done well, along with criticism."

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Article by Kassondra Granata, EducationWorld Contributor

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