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Teachers Find Blogs Make it Easy to Stay in Touch

Teachers Find Blogs Make it Easy to Stay in Touch

Teachers are finding that despite distance barriers, there are plenty of ways to connect with other teachers across the country. Blogging remains a popular outlet teachers use to reflect on their teaching, share their views and educate tech-savvy students.

Katie Morrow, for example, became a teacher in O'Neill, Nebraska, "because she can go anywhere in the world," according to an article on

"She started a blog, Teach 4 2 Morrow. Like many educators across rural America, she has tapped into a way to keep in touch with other teachers far beyond her small community," the article said. "Morrow says her main goal in writing is to shine a spotlight on what teachers in small town America are doing. Unlike inner-city schools, she explains, 'We don't have a local news station that can report when my class does this awesome project, so putting it on a blog is an easy way to do it.'"

According to the article, "she's also big on making her students blog. Part of Morrow's job is leading the school's one-to-one initiative, in which every student has a laptop to use throughout the day. She assigns her seventh- and eighth-graders to blog about their everyday lives and about the projects the class is working on."

"Most of the kids who grow up in O'Neill 'never leave a two-hour radius,' she said. "Bringing the technology to them and allowing them to bridge that outer part of the world that they aren't exposed to normally is huge."

The article also looked at Sarah Hagan, who teaches in Oklahoma.

"There are tinier towns than I realized. I didn't know what to expect, honestly. I always assumed I'd go work at this school where I would have this fabulous math department, and I'd collaborate with them. And then I ended up in a tiny town where there's one other math teacher."

According to the article, "Hagan's own love of teaching was born in part from reading a math teacher's blog when she herself was in high school. It was called Math Teacher Mambo by Shireen Dadmehr."

"I just became amazed," Hagan continued. "I thought, 'This is the way I want to teach.' For the rest of high school and college I read all the teacher blogs I could get my hands on."

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Article by Kassondra Granata, Education World Contributor

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