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Teachers in Canada Receive Training Tool to Identify Concussions in Students

Teachers in Canada Receive Training Tool to Identify Concussions in Students

Teachers in Canada are being provided access to a new training tool that helps them detect the signs of concussions to help prevent further health problems in their students.

According to CBC News, “[t]he online Concussion Awareness Training Tool was developed by sports injury specialist Dr. Shelina Babul at B.C. Children's Hospital."

"The resource provides recommendations on how to help students who suffer blows to the head, often from sports such as football, soccer and hockey.”

The training tool is intended to ensure that children suffering from head injuries do not continue to do more damage by identifying the health problem at hand.

If given the proper care, 85 percent of concussions can be resolved within two weeks. If not, however, the consequences can be fatal- something that resonates in the U.S. after a particularly deadly high school football season last year.

The training tool was originally designed to provide further training to medical professionals, but was adapted to be used for teachers as well.

Canada seems to be getting serious when it comes to taking preventative measures to support children with head trauma. "Canada's Minister of Sport, Carla Qualtrough, has said she will be working with federal Health Minister Jane Philpott to create a national education and management strategy to better manage policies around concussions among youth and professional athletes,” CBC News said.

Here in the U.S., numerous studies have determined there is reason to be concerned about the number of students suffering from concussions in the country’s schools.

A 2014 study found that most administrators have not taken a concussion management training course and that many were generally unsure how to handle students with head trauma.

Read more about Canada’s training tool here.

Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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