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As in U.S., Teachers Around the World Feel Undervalued

If you're feeling underappreciated as a teacher, take heart in the fact that your colleagues around the world feel the same way.

The Teaching and Learning International Survey collected feedback from more than 100,000 lower secondary-school teachers and about 6,500 head teachers from 34 countries.

Results indicated that teachers in some countires felt less appreciated than those in others. In France, only 4.9% of teachers said that society valued their work, while 5% felt that way in Sweden. Educators in Malaysia topped the survey, with 83.8% of them feeling valued. This trumps the 67.6% in Singapore, 66.5% in Abu Dhabi and South Korea who felt that way. Finland scored highest in Europe, with 58.6% of teachers saying they felt appreciated.

In the United States, the figure was roughly a third.

These figures were “shocking,” said Michael Davidson, head of the schools division at the O.E.C.D., a policy consortium for developed countries that is based in Paris. If teachers felt undervalued, Mr. Davidson said at a media briefing, the best candidates would be less likely to enter the profession or stay in the job, The New York Times reported.

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