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Teacher Shares Tips on Using Twitter in the Classroom

Teacher Shares Tips on Using Twitter in the Classroom

With social media, students have the opportunity to make global connections and experience new things.

So says kindergarten teacher Sharon Davison in a blog post on In her post, Davison shares several tips to help educators use Twitter effectively and allow students to share their ideas beyond the walls of their classroom.

"Thinking about social media and how it works in regards to learning inside and outside of classrooms is endless and inspiring," Davison wrote. "Just by tweeting an idea, you can spark a connection and invite your students to experience the value of social media. As I began to dabble with this idea, I was immediately struck by how other educators were using this tool as a way to connect, engage and enhance learning."

Davison wrote that social media allows her to connect her students to a global platform "where they can share their ideas and discoveries."

It’s an easy way for my students to begin to experience what it means to be a safe, kind and responsible digital citizen. Some important things to think about:

  1. Model safe, responsible and positive discoveries that you wish to share with others in regards to learning.
  2. Follow people who are sharing professional work and tips to enhance learning.
  3. Secure permission from parents of the children you work with if you will be sharing photographs and video.
  4. When you tweet photographs and video leave off names or any identifying information about your students. This way your students will know and understand that when you use video, names are omitted. This is a nice way to model being a safe digital user for this age.
  5. Follow classrooms that are using Twitter with their students. This is where you’re able to tweet with other classrooms about your daily discoveries and what you find interesting.

Read other tips on the SmartBlogs site. "As an educator, I have had endless opportunities to engage with social media alongside my students, their families and others," she wrote. "Through our collaboration, we can share what inspires us, spark connections with others and learn from different perspectives. Social media is a wonderful way to experience new ideas."

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Article by Kassondra Granata, Education World Contributor

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