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Great Teachers Are PR Experts

Teacher Says Great Teachers Are PR Experts

Teachers have a bundle of traits and characteristics that they could harness to succeed in roles outside of education.

Ryan Lynch, educator and CEO of EduSync, said that industries should recruit more teachers and that they would be great PR experts, according to an article on the news site Quartz. 

"If you think customer service reps deal with crazy people, just wait until you see those same people in a parent-teacher conference!" he said. "Teachers are often called upon to field difficult questions and outlandish requests from irate and sometimes unreasonable parents, while trying to keep the school or faculty from getting sued. Teachers must communicate with diverse groups of people effectively, addressing different parties in different ways."

Read the full story. 

Did you leave another industry to become a teacher? Share your story in the comments below. What are some other valuable skills that teachers have?

Article by Kassondra Granata, EducationWorld Contributor

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