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Teacher Saves 38 Students From Burning Bus in Florida

In early December, eighth-grade math teacher, and occasional substitute bus driver, Kristina Buhrman was toting a busload full of students when one of them declared smoke was coming out of their seat. She immediately pulled over, evacuated all 38 students, and lead them to safety.

She escorted the students off the bus just as the flames appeared in the back of the vehicle. She then moved them down, away from the danger, and had them line up in order to cross a drainage ditch without falling in. At the same time, she was on the phone with 911. Thankfully, all were unharmed.

"Buhrman has received praise from parents and recognition from officials, including the Florida Highway Patrol, which awarded her a certificate of appreciation for her bravery," reported Rebecca Baer for CNN, who spoke to Buhrman after the incident.

"I didn't expect that anybody would care. I was doing my job. That's how I feel," Buhrman said. "I was just put in a place that I had to protect the kids that I'm there to protect and that's what we do."

Buhrman is nearly practiced in saving lives, having once pulled an injured woman from a smoking car on her way home from work. "We're put here to help others and to influence others and to do good i this world and to leave a lasting legacy," Buhrman said. "I especially try to teach that to my students... You've got to do kind things for other people because that's what this world's about -- people helping people."


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By Samantha DiMauro, Education World Contributor

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