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Teacher Offers Five Reasons Why Teacher Tenure Works

Teacher Offers Five Reasons Why a Teacher's Tenure Should Be Protected

Teacher tenure may be one of the most controversial issues in education today. While some argue that teacher tenure should be eliminated completely, others believe that tenure is a right and it needs to be protected. 

Lee Kronert, a 32-year veteran teacher, recently shared that sentiment in his latest article "10 Reasons Why a Teacher's Right to Tenure Should Be Protected", on In this first installment, Kronert offers teachers "five of the top ten reasons why a teacher's right to lifetime tenure should be protected."

The first reason Kronert gives is that teachers "already suffer with an inferiority complex so at the very least we deserve job security."

"Think about it: We are attacked by the news media as incompetent, over-paid whiners who refuse to work more than 10 months a year," he said. "July and August are a teacher's favorite words in the entire English language! Parents have license to yell at us, create rumors about us, and berate us in front of family, friends, and work associates. The target is always us. The bulls-eye is on our foreheads. We are always under some form of attack. We need to be protected. We deserve tenure."

The fifth reason Kronert presents is "people who know nothing about the kids in our school district and who apparently know just as little about the capabilities of our students are telling us what to do!"

"Yep, I'm referring to the State Education Department," he said. "State Ed. telling me how and what to teach is like me telling LeBron James how to play basketball! We teachers are highly trained individuals. We are prepared in our areas of expertise and we know our kids! The very concept of handing teachers modules to guide our curriculums is an insult to our profession. We know what we are doing! And each of us has a unique and creative way to reach kids. Let us teach!"

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Article by Kassondra Granata, EducationWorld Contributor

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