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Teacher Debunks EdTech 'Myths'

Teacher Debunks EdTech 'Myths'

One teacher discusses the misconceptions that often come with using and integrating new EdTech in the classroom that can lead to what she calls "blind adoption or ill-planned implementation."

In an article for, K-8 technology teacher Mary Beth Kertz offers her insight to fellow educators on the problems that can come with trusting that every "piece of new tech will transform teaching and learning in the classroom.

We believe that if something is shiny, new, and slick, it will inevitably be good for the classroom," she said.

She addresses some common myths that are often associated with EdTech tools. First, Kertz explains that EdTech is not meant to be a "fix-all" for ineffective teaching, and uses the example of interactive whiteboards (IWBs).

"What is clear is that IWBs are costly and require extensive professional development for successful implementation. Without this training, teachers tend to use these expensive tools as 'glorified chalkboards,' or worse, not at all," she said, according to the article.

She also warns against tools that are praised for being easy to use and having slick interfaces, as she says that does not guarantee them being good in the classroom.

Her example is Class Dojo, which became "widely popular" in the classroom but has since been criticized for "the way it handled student information." In other words, Class Dojo appeared to be great, but student data was not guaranteed protection until concerns were raised.

Hertz encourages fellow teachers to do their research when it comes to EdTech and not merely trust hype.

"We must do our homework on what the underlying costs (both financial and others) are, and what the responsibilities of the school, company, teacher, and families should be when we want to bring a tech tool into the classroom."

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Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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