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Teacher Criticizes Peers for Open Letters Trash Talking Profession

Teacher Criticizes Peers for Open Letters Bad Talking Profession

Even though the anonymous writer is a teacher from across the pond, he speaks of a phenomenon that is popular in the U.S. as well: writing open letters to officials criticizing the challenges that beleaguer the teaching profession.

But this open letter from the anonymous teacher is of a different sorts; anonymous is admonishing his peers for damaging the profession with such open and rampant complaints.

"What upsets me about these open complaints is the damage that they are doing to the profession. We want teaching to be respected, but we do not respect ourselves or the profession. As a teacher, I have always taught my children that respect is multidimensional and has to be earned. If you want respect, you have to show respect; for yourselves and for those around you,” anonymous said.

"We teach our children to be resilient in the face of pressure and difficulty; should we not [practice] what we teach? What keeps me going is the knowledge that, somewhere, I have helped a child to grow and succeed. To know that a child has felt supported, challenged and valued through being in my class makes me feel incredibly grateful to be doing the job I do.”

According to anonymous, instead of writing open letters, he recommends using a strong professional learning network to "focus on making the profession great for the benefit of the young people that we teach.”

"I am in a job that I love and I am sure that my views will not make me popular among my peers, but I truly believe that if we want teaching to be seen as a high-level profession, it has to start with our attitude towards it and towards those who are responsible for making the rules."

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Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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