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Teacher: 10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Educators

Teacher: 10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Educators

This holiday season, teachers will be wondering whether or not their students will give them gifts this year. Teacher gifting isn't required, but administrators and families will want to show their appreciation for everything that teachers do.

A former fifth grade social studies and language arts teacher, Allie Gross, offers ten holiday gifts that educators would like during the holiday season.

"So you've decided to get your favorite educators some gifts — the question now becomes a matter of what to give them," she said. "Scented lotions, tea candles, and baked goods are par for the course, but there are a variety of ways to stand out and give the educators in your life something they need and will truly appreciate. Below are 10 of our favorite suggestions."

The first item on the list is school supplies. Gross said that teachers spend a lot of their own money on school supplies, and it runs out very quickly.

"Whether the class ran out of lined paper mid-year or the can of extra pencils suddenly appears empty by November, chances are the bold men or women running a school's classrooms are out at Staples or Office Depot making extra purchases," said Gross. "One thoughtful way to help your favorite educators save money is by replenishing their school supplies! Pencils, tape, pens, staples, and lined paper are probably the most used and quickest to go, so that could be a good place to start."

Another item on Gross's list that teachers would want this holiday season are books.

"This can go two ways," she said. "You could get your favorite teacher a number of classroom books that can then be used by students. This, like school supplies, will definitely help the educator's bank account and be much appreciated. Not an English Language Arts teacher? Not a problem. Books come in all subjects and can be a great independent activity for when students finish their work early. On the other hand, you could get them a great piece of literature that they can escape to in the evening or over the holiday break. Schools can be stressful environments and having a good literary respite is the best antidote to come back feeling refreshed. Of course, there are also a number of great books specifically for educators, as well."

Other items on the list are sticky notes, coffee mugs and tea, scrapbook, and classroom decorations. 

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Article by Kassondra Granata, Education World Contributor

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