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A Sweet Valentine's Day Story From a Classroom in Seattle, Washington

A Sweet Valentines Day Story From a Classroom in Seattle, Washington

A family from Seattle, WA took to Reddit to share with others a sweet Valentine’s Day story involving their 8-year-old daughter Amelia, who is blind.

Amelia’s classroom will he hosting their Valentine’s Day party today, and Amelia had some help from her family in bringing in extra special Valentines for her peers.

According to The Huffington Post, Amelia will be handing out heart-shaped notes that " feature the word ‘love' stamped below the same word in Braille.” Amelia’s class has about 25 students in it, and for each one Amelia accompanied the heart-shaped not with one that says something special about them in Braille.


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“[Amelia’s mother] Gail told The Huffington Post that Amelia added Braille to the cards using a Perkins Brailler, a machine similar to a typewriter. At her teacher's request, the 8-year-old also added personalized messages for her classmates, which her mom wrote out in print.”

The photo of the notes has inspired many Reddit users, and also engaged a community in learning more about the Braille process, as will likely happen in Amelia’s classroom today.

One user asked:


To which Gail’s husband and Amelia’s father, Mike, responded:


Thank you, Amelia, for helping everyone learn something this Valentine’s Day!

Read the full story.

Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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