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Survey Reveals New York Math Curriculum Most Used in the Country

Survey Reveals New York Math Curriculum Most Used in the Country

According to national survey results from the RAND Corporation, Eureka Math is the number one math curriculum in the country.

Eureka Math is a Common Core-aligned curriculum created by non-profit Great Minds in partnership with the New York State Education Department.

The survey asked 1,168 teachers to answer questions about the math curriculum they use; 47 percent of secondary teachers and 57 percent of elementary school teachers said they use Eureka Math.

While it was originally developed three years ago for New York, educators around the country soon began using the curriculum and have been for the past two years. An educator from Washington told Great Minds how successful her students have been under the change.

"I've never experienced anything so powerful in education...Our students can now solve unbelievably complex problems and share their thinking with pride and enthusiasm. We have been changed forever,” said said Kelley Boynton, executive director for elementary education of Bethel Public Schools to Great Minds.

According to Great Minds, Eureka Math/Engage NY is the first PK-12 curriculum that is fully aligned to the new standards.

"While many curricula and textbooks on the market today describe themselves as being ‘aligned' with the new standards, the content is virtually unchanged from the past. Publishers have merely associated elements of the outdated content with various new standards. Eureka Math was developed specifically to meet the new standards,” Great Minds says on its website.

As a result, the curriculum is reviewed favorably by the non-profit

“ gives Eureka Math/EngageNY the highest ratings in all categories (focus/coherence, rigor, and usability in the classroom).”

Great Minds also says in the past two years, the curriculum has helped schools nationwide improve test scores. 

Read more about Eureka Math here.

Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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