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Supreme Court to Hear Lawsuit Against Teacher Unions for Charging Nonunion Members Fees for Collective Bargaining

Supreme Court to Hear Lawsuit Against Teacher Unions for Charging Nonunion Members Fees for Collective Bargaining

The Supreme Court will hear today the case of the 10 California teachers who are suing the California Teachers Association for forcing them to pay dues that finance causes they are in opposition to, saying it violates their right to free speech.

In Friedrichs vs. California Teachers Association, the teachers "believe that laws forcing government employees to join a union or pay them 'agency fees' as a condition of employment violate their First Amendment right to free speech, which includes the freedom not to speak, and not to be compelled to subsidize the speech of others.

The Supreme Court will rule today on "whether the 1st Amendment prohibits California and other states from requiring public employees who choose not to join the union — but who benefit from agreements the union negotiates — to help defray the costs associated with collective bargaining,” said The Los Angeles Times.

According to The Los Angeles Times, it is likely to " reaffirm its 1977 ruling upholding...'fair share' arrangements.”

This is because “constitutional analysis differs when the government acts as employer, rather than regulator.”

But for the plaintiffs, they feel as if it goes against their rights to have to participate in collective bargaining to fund politically charged decisions and endeavors without actually having a voice or say.

“The [most]...important issue in this case is whether the Supreme Court will undermine the ability of unions to effectively represent all of their workers at the bargaining table. The court should refuse to do so…” The Los Angeles Times argued.

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Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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