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SunGard K-12 CEO Returns to Position Out of Passion for Education

If you’re a CEO at well known-educational software supplies companies chances are there are a lot of driving factors that could keep you interested in your work. For Frank Lavelle, a love for education is what drove him back to his job as CEO for SunGard K-12, where he says he can continue to try to help provide solutions for his passion.

“I’ve worked all my life in either the medical or educational marketplace,” Lavelle said, according to the Leheigh Valley Business.

“This is what I’m passionate about. education, I think, is the area that needs the most help.”

Education has been the growing concern of government officials, presidential hopefuls as well as the parents and teachers of students coming up in a new technologically-driven learning environment. That being said, the CEOs of companies like SunGard K-12 have the ability to tweak the way students learn and help fill the holes that continue to arise.

“... [Lavelle] began promoting STEM – science, technology, engineering and mathematics education – to increase education efforts in technical areas,” according to the article.

“That interest eventually led to his work with SunGard. SunGard K-12 has a host of software products, from finance to operations to academics, which schools can use to make systems more integrative and efficient.”

In the business world, profit is always the front-runner for many CEOs, however from Lavelle’s perspective his focus is on increasing the educational value of the products his company provides.

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