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Summer Learning Suggestions: International Minecraft Competition Added to Tournament Series

Summer Learning Suggestions: International Minecraft Competition Added to Tournament Series

As a testament to the growing influence of Minecraft in the education realm, The Builder Bowl tournament series will feature a Minecraft competition for clubs, camps, and classes in a summer project that starts this month.

"The Builder Bowl is an global builder tournament in which teams 'compete against one another to build immersive experiences, content, apps and applications.' The first competition in this tournament series is focused on Minecraft," according to Geek Wire.

The Builder Bowl is run by the Immersive Education Initiative and is open to all iED clubs, camps, and classes to participate in the Minecraft competition and others virtually and at home, thus allowing for the competition to have a global reach.

"Dubbed 'the Super Bowl of Building,'Builder Bowl tournaments won’t always revolve around Minecraft. They’ll also feature various immersive technologies, including virtual reality, augmented reality, simulations, video games, caves and domes, 3D printing, and robotics. (Augmented reality will also be a focus of the first tournament)," said

Learners of all ages are encouraged to participate in the competitive series, and iED says the healthy competition has enabled students across the globe to learn vital skills that allow them to act expressively and creatively all the while learning leadership skills.

Winners of the competitions will be announced in September during the championships "held during international Immersive Education conferences and events. The championships and awards ceremony for the inaugural Minecraft Builder Bowl tournament will held during IMMERSION 2015 in Paris this September," according to WVNSTV

Read more about the Builder Bowl and how to register here.

Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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