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Successful Fundraiser Brings Students to Harvard University

As seen on the destination photo blog, Humans Of New York, the Mott Hall Bridges Academy has successfully raised enough funds to send their students to visit Harvard University.

According to blog creator Brandon Stanton's posts, Mott Hall is a middle school located in Brownsville, Brooklyn, the neighborhood with the highest crime rate in New York City, and Principal Nadia Lopez devised a plan to bring the incoming 6th grade class on a tour of Harvard University.

"Since many of her scholars have never left New York, she wants them to know what it feels like to stand on the campus of one of the world's top schools, and know that they belong," reads the official statement on the fundraiser's website. "She thinks the experience will broaden their horizons and expand their idea of their own potential."

Due to the incredible success rate of the fundraiser, the entire school will be going to visit Harvard. The fundraiser has also raised enough to provide for ten years of Harvard trips and summer programs for Mott Hall.

The New York City-based fundraiser, "Let's Send Kids To Harvard," is raising money through the online fundraising website, Indiegogo. They have currently raised over $900,000 USD, which is more than 900 percent of their $100,000 goal. All extra funds will be used to begin the Vidal Scholarship Fund (named for the student who inspired the story), which will be available to graduates of Mott Hall Bridges Academy. The campaign will close on February 5, 2015.

All teachers who have felt underappreciated at one point or another might just have renewed faith in humanity after reading about this ambitious project.

Read the full blog entry.

Lead story photo credit: Humans of New York's Indiegogo page.


By Samantha DiMauro, EducationWorld Contributor

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