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Study Finds Teachers' Pets Get the As

Study Finds 'Teachers' Pets' Get the A's

Every classroom you grew up in had a teacher's pet, right? A newly published paper suggests that students who were well-liked by teachers were more likely to get better grades. 

The paper, titled, "Personality Similarity Between Teachers and Their Students Influences Teacher Judgment of Student Achievement",  found that "personality similarity affects teachers' estimation of student achievement. That is, how much you are like your teacher contributes to his or her feelings about you — and your abilities," according to an article on

"Astonishingly, little is known about the formation of teacher judgments and therefore about the biases in judgments," said Tobias Rausch, an author of the study and a research scientist at the Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg in Germany in the article. "However, research tells us that teacher judgments often are not accurate."

The study, the article said, "looked at a group of 93 teachers and 294 students in eighth grade in Germany. Everyone took a short test to establish basic features of their personalities: extroversion, agreeableness and the like."

"They gave the students reading and math tests too, sharing the test items with the teachers," the article said. "Then they asked the teachers two questions: How good is this student compared to an average eighth grader? How well will this student do on this test? In other words, the first question asked the teacher to give a global judgment; the second asked for a task-specific judgment."

According to the article, the study found that "when teachers and students were peas in a pod, the teachers overestimated the students' general abilities. Conversely, students who were dissimilar from their teachers were judged less positively."

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Article by Kassondra Granata, Education World Contributor

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