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Study Finds Genes May Be a Factor in Levels of Educational Attainment

Study Finds Genes May Be a Factor in Levels of Educational Attainment

"A first-of-its-kind, nationally representative study of siblings supports previously published research on unrelated individuals that links specific genotypes to educational attainment among adults in their mid-20s to early 30s," said

The authors of the study used genome-wide data from 1,594 siblings to arrive at their conclusion that supports genetic factors having an influence on education.

"In another key finding, the study also documented for the first time that polygenic scores across a broad population sample, going beyond siblings, are associated with social environmental differences," the article said.

"European Americans with higher polygenic scores tended to live in more socially advantaged neighborhoods and had mothers with higher levels of educational attainment. While African Americans' polygenic scores were not related to the social circumstances of their neighborhoods, they were associated with maternal level of education."

The study found that though genetics might have an effect on how much schooling an individual achieves, social factors are still the most important factor when it comes to having an impact on shaping educational outcomes.

"The authors also warn that the predictive power of the polygenic educational score is too weak to be used for individual clinical interventions, such as, for example, specialized coursework for a child with a low polygenic score," said the article.

The authors hope that their research will serve as a stepping stone for further, more conclusive research into the subject.

"'Eventually, this type of research will help us better understand, across broad groups, the complex relationship between genetics, environments, and traits and behaviors, as well as help us better understand why school or government policies may or may not be generating desired objectives,'" said co-author Benjamin Domingue to

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Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor

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