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Students Want More Technology in the Classroom, Study Finds

Students Want More Technology in the Classroom, Study Finds

Using technology in the classroom is commonplace in many districts, and according to a recent report, students want more of it.

The study, conducted by CompTIA, finds that students want to increase the use of technology in order to make learning “more fun”, said an article on The study, “The Changing Classroom: Perspectives from Students and Educators on the Role of Technology", found that “six out of 10 teachers expect technology to become ‘very important’ two years from now, whereas 41 percent consider it very important today. Another 47 percent consider it simply ‘important.’”

“In other words, both students and teachers are in agreement that technology use in the classroom has value,” the article said. “However, most teachers consider meeting student achievement standards the biggest priority for the use of technology in schools [84 percent], whereas students say that technology makes learning "more fun" [93 percent], "more interesting" [92 percent] and important for teaching skills that will help in getting a job [92 percent].”

The results, the article said, “come from a research project done by CompTIA, a member organization for IT professionals.”

The organization used two online surveys conducted in September, the article said. In one, “400 educators and administrators in the K-12 sector in the United States answered questions; in the other 1,000 middle and high school students were questioned.”

"For some it's difficult to grasp just how quickly the digitization of the workplace is occurring," said Carolyn April, CompTIA senior director of industry analysis. "Even occupations that may seem far removed from tech-intense jobs may now have a significant technology component."

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Article by Kassondra Granata, Education World Contributor

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