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Students Push for Mental Health Education to be Added to Health Class

Students Push for Mental Health Education to be Added to Health Class

A group of Maryland high school students are pushing for their county's Board of Education to include more in-depth mental health education in health class curriculum through a campaign called 'Reaching Out Campaign."

The campaign is also an official student club called Walter Johnson ROC (Reaching Out Campaign) developed by Walter Johnson high school student Jeffrey Cirillo and three friends after they were inspired by the suicide of a classmate earlier this year, according to Bethesda Magazine.

"Cirillo testified before the county Board of Education last month about the need to expand mental health education and incorporate more comprehensive discussions about suicide and depression," the article said.

One involved student, Caitlin Pemme, told the magazine she got involved to start ROC because she says her experience learning about mental health was a one-day blur that could be much more beneficial to students in need. In other words, the students are demanding more preventative measures.

Cirillo has spoken in front of the school board and the school's principal Jennifer Baker said it will "likely start partnering with Sources of Strength, a national organization that trains students and adult advisers to lead discussions and social media projects aimed at suicide prevention," according to the article.

"Besides helping those teens, the club hopes the Reaching Out Campaign can educate others in a way that reduces the stigma around mental illness."

Read the full article here, and read here for ways school's can address mental health concerns. Comment your thoughts below.

Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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