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Students Become the Teachers as They Give Educators Social Media Lessons

Students Become the Teachers as They Give Educators Social Media Lessons

A group of eighth-grade students from Hartford, CT attended the Northeast Regional Conference on the Social Studies to give teachers there some lessons on social media use.

Teachers are increasingly using social media in classrooms across the country (see: teachers using Snapchat,) to best relate to and engage their students.

But social media use doesn’t always come natural to teachers who weren’t born and raised on the platforms, and so the group of CT students created presentations on some of the most popular applications to help them learn.

"The group taught a variety of technology and social media, including Twitter, Google Drive, Google Classroom, YouTube, NoodleTools, WeVideo, Kahoot, and Quizlet,” said The Hartford Courant.

Without any rubric or guidelines, social studies teacher Rebecca Lewis told the group of students she selected the deadline and the students worked on their own to get ready.

Lewis said she was incredibly proud of what her students brought to the conference- and their ability to act professionally in their reversed roles.

Not only did the students impress their teacher, they also impressed the conference organizers who would like to make student-led social media training a reoccurring thing.

"Lewis said organizers of the conference have already invited her to return next year with another group of students to teach technology and social media again,” according to the article.

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Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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